Reports of the Past

REPORT From The Field


Saturday was too cool, but first things first!

Big-time thanks go out to Mean Gene Kelton (he's not so mean!), whose recommendation resulted in a last minute gig filling in for Gene at the "Sturgis Party" at Murphy's on Main in LaMarque, Texas.

We knew that we were attempting to fill some big shoes when heading down to entertain a bunch of bikers who didn't get to make the pilgrimage to the Dakotas. We knew it was going to be hot and dusty. The musicians on hand would be first rate. Some of the sets should be good. We didn't know that we would wind up having way too much fun during an afternoon when all of our sets were the 'good sets'.

I began with a plate of Wayne's bar-b-que brisket that melted in my mouth, and quickly returned to the stage area. Some of the regulars helped us get power, and soon I was trying to put a guitar part over a new bass lick that Roger was jamming to. Soon, John Chupin joined in on drums, and Chaz Nadege and Jerald Gray fell in shortly thereafter!

Cool jams turned into some of the best of the New Jack Hippies rock songs, and then Jerald Gray. I handed my guitar to Chris Trevino, who became New Jack Hippie number 119. Marlo told me that she was getting some great video on the whole thing. Jerald sang some BB King, then sang a duet with me, then sang some more BB King, and his own ZYDECO WOMAN, and then began an introduction to turn the show back over to me.

I mellowed it down with HAZY DAY before introducing Heath Spencer Philip. When Heath hit the stage (or - the area in the parking lot that was covered by a 10x20 cover), you could see all of the halter-topped women leaving the sides of the motorcycles they arrived on, and gravitate towards the stage.

One beautiful woman with denim shorts, vast cleavage and golden ringlets of hair, who later told me that she had come because she had received an email from Gene Kelton, actually walked onstage and put a very-appreciated smoke in my mouth. The Hippies were at home!

Heath was great! He threw shitloads of himself into his performance, and stayed on stage for the next 45 minutes in 100 degree heat. Often a blues singer, Heath was a roots rocker on this day, sweating to the oldies and setting the stage for Gloria Edwards - who turned the whole parking lot into a dance floor when she belted out her song about 'DNA'!

I took the next 30 minutes and played a few more of Roger and my songs. At this point, we were switching instruments at random, and the band had several new assistants onstage, rolling hand-rolled cigarettes and wiping our collective brow. We introduced Sandy Hickey and John Morris, who led the band through the next 30 minutes of music, including a duet with me on Aretha's CHAIN OF FOOLS, and her rendition of my SINCE MY BABY WENT AWAY.

I left the stage for another quick break (redundant - since the best break was now happening onstage), and Wayne asked how much we would charge to play an extra hour. An hour later, Wayne asked how much we would charge to play an extra hour. We played until 3 of us had to leave for 9:30pm gigs. Chaz had to play with Low down Brown, Jerald was playing with Tommy Dardar, and....

The day's gigging had just begun, for in an hour and twenty minutes I was to begin 240 minutes more of this, onstage as Rick Lee's bass player...

-Guy Schwartz
The New Jack Hippies
Houston, Texas, USA - Live Jams


Reports of the Past