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Wow! Where do I start?

My long musical weekend? The news? Local show picks?

I've seen, heard, played, and lined up more music in the past 5 days than I often do in a month! I attended The Watermelon Dance at The Last Concert Cafe (PotRoast, Jug o' Lightning, Carolyn Wonderland, Groobees, Hightailers, Global Village, Moses Guest...), Denim at Dan Electro's, A big blues birthday party (Big Walter's) with Diunna Greenleaf, Tommy Dardar, Lady D, Gene Kelton, Professor Blues, Sweet Mama Cotten, and many more at The Big Easy, and played on the radio with Pat & Rosie at KPFT, did a jam with Keith York, a gig with The Tequila Cowboys, and a summer camp show with Gloria Edwards and Nelson Mills.

Heath, Marlo, Pam, Connie and I also had one of the wierdest, funniest and most spontaneous days I've had in a long time.



I've never met Gene Kelton, but we know many aspects of each other fairly well, due to our ongoing email correspondence for the past few years, and through each other's recorded music. We finally laid eyes on each other this week but were not introduced, athough we did get to have a few words with each other. More importantly, I finally got to hear him play.

Although we've never met, Gene's name will come up several times during this report. Life is funny that way!


When I walked into The Big Easy last Thursday night, Gene Kelton and Professor Blues were onstage, laying into some electric blues from the '60s. Gene had obviously let the musicians from his band (A J Fee - Bass, Russell Shelby - drums) take a break, and Thurmon Robinson has taken over the bass duties with Osama Raad on the drums.

Stepping over to that long wood table that Tom McLendon keeps by the little half-wall on the risers, I was greeted by newly elected Houston Blues Society President Diunna Greenleaf, the lovely and talented Gloria Edwards, and Poppa Barry. Big Walter was seated, and I wished him a Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday five dollar bills were pinned to his lapels, and it was obvious that he was having a great time. The Big Easy was packed! I saw Tommy Dardar, Lady D and Sweet Mama Cotten, and said my hellos to all. I headed to the HBS booth to find Genie Mims, so that I might sign a card for Pete Mayes, who had just gone under the ether for a coronary bypass operation.


(This is as far as I got, but wanted to send the newsletter out because of Jerald's gig and Randy's Leno appearance tonight - Wednesday. I'll finish the stories tonight and they'll be right here...)

- Guy Schwartz 08.02.00

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