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Guy Schwartz &
The New Jack Hippies

We have over a hundred songs and dozens of videos available
at various locations on the web. Some mp3s and all of the videos are free!

If you find something you like, and want to pay
to own your own copy (we could use the money!),
it can probably be downloaded at,,or
any of dozens of other services.

If subscription music streaming is more your style,
you'll find us on most of the big sites there, too.
including, or 30 more...

MP3 sites - FREE MUSIC!
Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies Soundclick site.

Check out the New Jack Hippies on video!
Enjoy these web clips of The New Jack Hippies and our friends! Some are song videos, some are from live performances, and some are episodes of
our 'Hippies.TV series!

. Many feature friends of the band, or some of the great artists who drop by to sit-in, including Gloria Edwards, Kool B, Trudy Lynn, Carolyn Wonderland, Calvin Owens, Tracy Conover, Mr. Scarface, Sonny Boy Terry, Billy Block, Heath Spencer Philip, Opie Hendrix, Sandy Hickey, Jerald Gray, Tyri Schiek, or Little Joe Washington!

Others feature our friends, old and new, such as Brad Absher, Motograter, Dubtex, LunateX, Hollister Fracus, Fred J. Eaglesmith, Hamilton Loomis, Tin Henry, Bad Acid Trip, Los Skarnales, Chango Jackson, The Hightailers, Sisters Morales, Hayes Carll, Vince Bell, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Gurf Morlix & Opie Hendrix, and more...
We're here for the music! -Guy Schwartz

It's not that I love I-tunes, its that they get the most surfers/buyers, and have sent us the best accounting and largest checks...

bluesguy schwartz & The New Jack Hippies: Blue Jack Hippies

Guy Schwartz: Return of The New Jack Hippies

Guy Schwartz: The New Jack Hippies Homegrown Collective

Little Joe Washington with The New Jack Hippies: Earthwire Blue

Kool B, Opie Hendrix, & Bluesguy Schwartz: The Sun's Gonna Rise Before I Get To Texas

BluesGuy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies: Blue Motel

Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies: Bluesguy's Birthday Jam

Guy Schwartz: Rock Onward

Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies: Texacousticana

Guy Schwartz: Rock Side / Rhythm Side

Relayer: Release & Revisit (2 disc set)

South By Due East 2003: SXDE2003 Compilation

Various Artists: SOUTH BY DUE EAST 2004 Compilation

Thuy-Linh & The Dragon: Thuy-Linh & The Dragon

The Wandering Poets: The Wandering Poets

Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies with The Wandering Poets: What Does She Want? ...and other musical poetry

Z-Rocks: History

Come back and check out some of these online radio stations,
which feature our music, and the music of many of our friends!
Due to recent policy changes at several radio sites,
ALL of these stations we had listed here are down.
We'll create new ones soon!