Texas' Own Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies Performance Calendar 2000- 2001!
CALENDAR 2000- 2001 The

Note from Guy - 9.1.01
Sorry about my recent lack of time for updates,
but I've updated now!
The tour planning, booking and promoting
have taken over my life and time.

My intial goal of 75 cities has settled into about 45,
and now it's time to make new friends and contacts in the media
for those cities we will be travelling to.
Thanks to all of your support in the past!

Special thanks to Kevin & Betsy for their generous tour support,
and to Tim Kearns for making it possible
for us to go out with CDs that look 'professionally printed'!

As it stands, we will lose between $3,000-12,000,
but that will buy us the opportunity to
break into these new markets,
begin finding a national audience,
and bring us closer to the day when we have
a large enough base to financially support the live band!

So, until then,
we still need some places to stay along the way,
some home cooked meals,
as well as musicians to participate and become new (jack) Hippies!


If you or someone you know could provide
one of the items or services listed here,
it could really help make our efforts more effective!

1. One of the guys needs an office visit and prescription
for a chronic condition. If a Doctor could volunteer
that service (and some samples?), it would help a lot!
Thanks to Anonymous Donor!

2. Help promote The New Jack Hippies in your town!

3. Any percussion instruments that John could play
at radio and acoustic performances.

4. The use of copiers (color & B&W), and long distance.

5. Does anyone or their friend own
an auto dealership or finance company
that would be willing to finance a 12-15 passenger van
for little ol' bancrupt Guy!?
Renting such a vehicle will be our #1 road expense,
and payments would be a lot cheaper! A loaner would work...
This would cut $1900 month from our expenses.
We'd be profitable at this point! -Guy 10.15.01

6. Can we perform any sevice for you from town to town
which would justify your company
giving us a gasoline allowance, or something?

7. Cash donations will be accepted and appreciated.

8. We may consider selling a seat or two on the van,
but watch out - we'll put you to work!

9. Got any prepaid long distance cards
that the boys can use to call home?.

10. Good info and advice for Guy,
on the matter of which cell phone plan to get
so we can call anywhere from anywhere!

11. A loaner laptop for Guy...
Thanks to Dark Star!

12. Let us know if you can help us
find secondary opportunities while we're on the road,
such as bookstores, music stores, colleges or malls
we could perform in, or
radio stations we might visit on the air!



10-Sep Houston TX Silky's Blues Bar played

14-Sep Lyons CO Oskar Blues - Great gig! We hosted the CBS jam, and met great musicians!
Jimmy Sferes, from Lyons Music, help John with a snare, and rocked as a new Hippie!
We also accidently stole Dale's acoustic guitar! Oops!

15-Sep Steamboat Springs CO Tugboat - Cool gig and band house! Plus - Jules won his bet!

16-Sep Colorado Springs, CO Jack Quinn's - Cool Irish bar with great food!
Ralph opened his home to Heath and John! Thanks

17-Sep Denver CO Brendan's Pub - We visited this jam at Carolyn's recommendation.
Kevin treated us great, and we made great music with our hosts,
The Black Market Blues Band!

18-Sep Crested Butte CO Kochevar's - Great town! Eric sat-in on sax,
and the radio station (KBUT) welcomed us with open arms and airwaves!

19-Sep Crested Butte CO Kochevar's - Thanks, Eric!

20-Sep Durango CO Storyville - Great venue & food!
This is Marlo's favorite bar! Thanks Dave!

21-Sep Pagosa Springs CO Bob's Cabin - no stage, nobody listening
(until the coke dealer arrived at 1am) - but they treated us well!
Roger and Heath had a tough night!

22-Sep Woodland Park CO Tres Hombres - Cool jazz group opened! Good Tex-Mex!

23-Sep Pueblo CO Phil's Radiator Shop - played great - met Doug!

24-Sep Midland TX Riley's Roadhouse - busted by the Troopers today, but we played well!

25-Sep Midland TX Riley's Roadhouse - Wild Bill took good care of us, and Keith fed us well!

26-Sep Midland TX Riley's Roadhouse - Good audience! Thanks Bruce!

27-Sep Woodlands TX Martini's & More... - played - we're home!


6-Oct Houston TX The Rhythm Room - Nice Room!

7-Oct Texas City TX Bob's Ice House - Great Burgers, Bob!

11-Oct Woodlands TX Martinis & More - Great gig 'til Heath flipped!

13-Oct Corpus Christi TX
Great gig with Teri Green onboard! Jennifer & Larry have a great place!
Pam & Greg took their own road trips, and joined us!

Note from Guy - 10.15.01
Tour is going great! Check my 'report from the field' for the tour story, so far...

Thanks to Michael Farber for the laptop loaner, and to Laurie for her generous cash contribution.

20-Oct Lake Charles LA Dagostino's
Great band, with Albert Storo & Gloria Edwards along!
No crowd at all - it was a tough night!

21-Oct open

22-Oct open

23-Oct Memphis TN Blue City Café
Played 3 piece after dropping Teri in Shreveport to see his Dad. Cool gig - great ribs!

24-Oct Little Rock AR Sticky Fingers
Good audience and great live recordings! Thanks, TK!

25-Oct Eureka Springs AR Copa Cabana
Hey Lita - "On behalf of the boys in the band and meself,
I hope we passed the audition!"

26-Oct Springfield MO Springfield Brewing Co.
Treated royally, and we responded with a great night of music!
The burger with bleu cheese was amazing! Thanks to Jeff and the staff!

27-Oct Near Lebanon MO Peace Conspiracy Benefit
We woke up these Hippies with an early moring set
in a big meadow, after sleeping in tents during
Missouri's first freeze of the year! Brrrr!

27-Oct Omaha NE 40th Street Bar
Thanks to George and Vicki, we had a great time!

28-Oct Omaha NE 40th Street Bar
Stayed to jam! Lotsa fun and new Hippies!

The bar closed that night, and our name has been up on this marquee ever since!

29-Oct Kansas City MO
Stopped by Davey's and The Grand Emporium on a night off.
Jason Hyken at TGE had heard of us, and treated us kindly,
and offered to work with us in the future!

30-Oct Nashville TN Exit/In
A blast with Billy Block!
Frank got good live recordings, and Rusty Young became NJH # 190!

31-Oct Nashville TN Night off!
Roger slept and Marlo and I
did bookkeeping while Teri and John tore it up sitting in at Wolfie's!


1-Nov Knoxville TN Sassy Ann's
Great room! Lot's of Vickis and Ed's!

2-Nov Chattanooga TN The Tropicana Room
Sandy Hickey joined us, and so did her Chattanooga family! Fun gig!

3-Nov Atlanta GA Cajun Kitchen
We showed up,
but didn't play. They fired the guy who booked us in,
and were not honoring his bookings! We drove on to Florida!

4-Nov Fernadina Beach FL Slider's
Good seafood, and a great stage!

5-Nov Fernadina Beach FL
Didn't play a second night,
but got to stay in this place,
with a view of the Atlantic Beach, for our night off!

6-Nov St. Augustine FL Arnold's
Great pics from the '50s & '60s on the walls!
Had to set up on the floor, so the karaoke guy's stuff would be unmoved.
Drank from Poce de Leon's fountain of youth! Yuck!
Great town!

7-Nov Ft. Lauderdale FL Cheers
Great jam! We rocked!
Kicked ass and took email addresses!
Marlo and I moved in on Riki Robau for the next 4 days,
while the other guys stayed in a room in Hollywood. Thanks Riki!

8-Nov Miami FL Tobacco Road
Amazing legacy at this place. Oldest liquor liscence in Florida!
We had fun and played well! Mark is a real music person!

9-Nov Palm Beach FL Ray's Downtown Blues
Great room and sound system!
Ray, Mark and Terry took great care of us. They are true music lovers.

10-Nov Hollywood FL Club M
On Hollywood Blvd. Great crowd from The Billabong!

11-Nov Florida Keys FL Green Parrot
Played trio as Teri took off for Shreveport. This place felt like playing the Bahamas!
Great crew and great crowd.

16-Nov New Orleans LA Carrolton Station
Great location and room - no crowd!
Kid Red sat-in!

17-Nov Beaumont TX Rock's
Freindly folks who love to party! We'll be back!






Note from Guy - 11.19.01
This second leg was a lot harder on everyone. The drives between gigs
were much longer, and there were more nights off and free gigs
(we'd rather play - as musicians AND per income).

We miss Chaz and Heath for what they bring to the band,
but the addition of Teri Greene has a wonderful effect on the music.

We've already had five configurations of the band on this tour,
but they all seem to go over well! These are good songs,
and they hold up well - whomever is playing!

I've lost $6800 - $7200 so far,
but won't lose much on the next leg. Seven venues from the
first leg have hired us back for more money,
so the game plan is working well!

23-Nov Houston Last Concert Cool show,
with a band called 'Thinking Pliers' from Nashville! Hope to see them again!




Note From Guy 11.26.01
I'm in deep shit right now, and need help! As most of you know, I've hung
myself, my house, my livelyhood, and my reputaion on the line, by attempting
this tour without the real wherewithall to do it.

I felt that the time was now, if ever.

Those of you who were on this list have followed my plan from the beginning.
The tour was set up to introduce myself, the songs, and some of the musicians
I work with to as many cities as we could, hoping to find an audience, and
work our way to being a profitable group of professional musicians in a
National touring act. I intended to accomplish this, even though risking the
loss of the house, and somewhere between $6 - 12,000.

The first leg of the tour out west lost $3600. I'd consider that a well
executed plan. Seven venues from that first leg have already booked the
Hippies back at almost double the money (a rate at which we can be

The second leg lost $2700. We changed the configuration of the band (Chaz and
Heath stayed home, and Teri Greene jumped onboard), but the venues we played
in the midwest and south didn't think we missed a beat. 80% of the venues
have expressed interest in having us back, many for more money! Success again!

The coming third leg should break even (the musicians have been paid on each
leg). We have $6200 in income already contracted, and a projected $6000 in
expenses. As we find a few places to stay with friends for free, the expense
amount shouldcome down. As we sell CDs and T-shirts, the income should rise.


My credit has been cut off.

As most of you know, I'm bancrupt, in foreclosure, and have no credit of my

I've put the bulk of the debt (just the van rental, actually - only about
$5,200, thanks to generous gifts from a few friends) on my Mom's credit card.
I told her the plan and asked if I could before we booked the tour. I told
her that I'd run up a balance the first two legs, but the third leg should
pay for itself, so her card would only be used as security for the van rental
at that point.

For some reason, Mom understood that we'd be breaking even by the second leg,
and is worried about her account, so she decided to close it up after I
re-rented the van this week!

On Tuesday, the rental company decided to put through an estimated charge for
the van's last month. Mom called VISA, thought that charge was my next months
deposit, and went ahead and closed the account. When I go to recontract the
van today, there will be a balance due, and the card will no longer exist.
They will take the van back. I won't be able to pay the balance, and who
knows what happens from there. I hope that this is not a criminal offense,
like theft of van for the amount I didn't pay above the deposit they had
already charged, or possibly, some type of credit card fraud. I don't think
I'm guilty of such, since I used the card in good faith - according to the
agreement I had with my Mom.

But, I just don't know...

I'm fairly scared at this point!

If anyone has any creative ideas, credit cards we could use for the next
month's deposit, or just want to take your van (or large car pulling a
trailer) on the next leg with us, please email or call me soon! Large cash
donations or a loan approval for a vehicle woul;d help, also!

The biggest challenge right now, is getting a vehicle to travel with which is
in my name, with a $4-700 monthly payment instead of a $2500-3000 per month
rental charge. Once we have a van, and now that we've alreadt done 45 dates
nationwide as loss leaders, touring will no longer result in a loss. My
bancruptcy, divorce, and foreclosure make it impossible to get any of my own
credit through regular channels.

Thanks for your time and interest. Thanks for your support!




30-Nov Albuquerque NM Sonny's
We had to cancel the first four gigs of the third leg, including this one.... CANCELLED


1-Dec Woodland Park CO Tres Hombres CANCELLED



4-Dec Crested Butte CO Kochevar's CANCELLED

5-Dec Crested Butte CO Kochevar's CANCELLED

6-Dec Colorado Springs CO Jack Quinn's We made it out!
I was able to rent a cargo van and Roger took his car!
Every tour leg has it's rough night, and we got this one out of the way fast!

7 & 8-Dec Steamboat Springs CO Tugboat Tugboat is a great gig!
We partied at Steve's, and Tugboat allowed us to stay over
in the band house on our day off! Thanks, ya'll!

9-Dec open

10-Dec Winter Park CO The Slopes Big crowd - fun gig!
The band played great and Marlo shot cool video!

11-Dec Aspen CO The Grottos Killer food, great crew, and we played well -
to a crowd of 10!

12-Dec Denver CO Quixote Moment of Release opened up,
and promoted this show in their hometown, so we had a great crowd! These folks love music!
Richard did a great live mix! Thanks, Jay!

13-Dec Breckenridge CO Beaver Run Resort Christmas party for the Grand Timber Lodge folks!
Best banquet food I've ever had! Never seen so many people on the dance floor!

14-Dec Paonia CO Private Party for Chaco Sandals! A lot of fun in a small town setting!

15-Dec Durango CO Storyville Our gig was fun, and the food was great,
but the punk rock breakfast on Sunday morning was really a treat!

16-Dec open

17-22-Dec Casper WY Club X A fun week in a new venue!
These people are living their American dream.
Moose helped us set up to record live on Wednesday.
The equipment stayed up all week and the mixes got better each night.
These guys know how to party!






28-Dec Houston TX Koozie's confirmed


www.newjackhippies.com - The New Jack Hippies Website!

bluesguy.com - Guy's Domain with many great websites!

www.mp3.com/stations/songwritersshow1 - Recorded Live @KPFT


www.besonic.com/hippies - Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies

www.mp3.com/Hippies - Live Jams from Hippies Shows

www.mp3.com/GuySchwartz - Download Guy's new CD

www.mp3.com/HeathSpencerPhilip - Check out some of Heath's New Recordings!

www.mp3.com/NewJackHippies - Stuff Roger & Guy did at home!

www.mp3.com/bluesguy - Guy's all blues page on mp3.com

HotBands.com - THE Music Resource


AUGUST, 2001

August 3 Fri Koozie's 7337 Alabonson
Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies

August 29 Wed University of Houston 11am - 1pm
Opening Celebration for the new courtyard in the Communications Building
Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies

JULY, 2001

July 4 Wed Silky's Blues Bar
Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies

July 6 Fri Koozie's 7337 Alabonson
Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies

July 13 Fri Bob's Ice House Texas City 9pm
Heath Spencer Philip with several New Jack Hippies

July 21 Sat O'Shea's
Heath Spencer Philip with several New Jack Hippies

July 22 Sun Bob's Ice House Texas City 7-11pm
Heath Spencer Philip with several New Jack Hippies

JUNE, 2001

June 1 Fri Bob's Ice House Texas City
Heath Spencer Philip with several New Jack Hippies

June 7 Thu Vintage Wine Bar (GS & RT- Acoustic)

June 12 Tue Martini's & More... (HSP & GS - Acoustic)

June 8 Fri Splash #2 Dickinson, Texas
Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies

June 10 Sun Bob's Ice House Texas City 7-11pm
Heath Spencer Philip with several New Jack Hippies

June 11 Mon Silky's Blues Bar (GS & RT- Acoustic)

June 22 Fri O'Shea's
Heath Spencer Philip with several New Jack Hippies

June 25 Mon Silky's Blues Bar (Heath & Guy- Acoustic)

June 30 Sat Bob's Ice House Texas City 9pm
Heath Spencer Philip with several New Jack Hippies

MAY, 2001

May 4 Fri Koozie's 7337 Alabonson
Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies

May 5 Sat Cosmos Cafe Heights Blvd @ Center
Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies

May 12 Sat Silky's Blues Bar (Washington Ave.)
Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies

May 13 Sun KPFT 90.1FM Pat & Rosie's Nightsounds @ midnite
Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies

May 14 Mon Silky's Blues Bar (GS & RT- Acoustic)

May 20 Sun Bob's Ice House Texas City 7-11pm
Heath Spencer Philip with several New Jack Hippies

May 25 Fri Blue Lagoon (The Heath Spencer Philip Show)

(The Heath Spencer Philip Show) Blues Stage 4pm

Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies
Headlining at The Houston Headline Stage Stage 7pm

May 28 Mon Silky's Blues Bar (Heath & Guy- Acoustic)



Friday, December, 1st, 20009:30pm
The New Jack Hippies
play at
The Honey Pot
at 8370 N. Houston/Rosslyn Road!
Saturday, December 2nd, 2000Not certain what the event is, but we'll play for all of the free spirits at
in LaMarque, Texas! We have great fun here = there's always great food and motorcycle games, too! 2- 7pm

Saturday, November 4th, 2000It's a tailgate party at Rice Stadium, before the SMU vs. RICE game! Food starts at 10am, and live music starts at noon!
Saturday, November 4th, 20008pm
The New Jack Hippies
play at
The Richmond Arms!
Saturday, November 11th, 20009pm
The New Jack Hippies
play at
The Blue Dolphin Bar
at 11300 West Road!
Sunday, November 12th, 2000Midnight
The New Jack Hippies
perform on Pat & Rosie's Nightsounds!
Saturday, November 18th, 20009:30pm
The New Jack Hippies
play at
The Honey Pot
at 8370 N. Houston/Rosslyn Road!

Not certain what the event is, but we'll play for all of the free spirits at
in LaMarque, Texas! We have great fun here = there's always great food and motorcycle games, too! 2- 7pm

With 2 gigs shceduled this day, we headed off to Seabrook Festival Park for a company picnic for Reliant Energy!

9:30pm Einstein's Pub
Katy, Texas
The New Jack Hippies return to Katy! Einstien's is located at 873 S. Mason Road.

4- 6pm Starbuck's on San Felipe
Guy & Roger acoustically!

We had a great time playing for Donna & Donald White, at their BACK BAY CAFE for the Seabrook OctoBAYfest!

MP3.com called and asked if we'd represent them at The State Fair of Texas!We performed on the GMC/MP3.com stage, and got cool recordings. This was the first time we took a whole band of New Jack Hippies on the road, and all went smoothly!
Teri, John, Heath, Albert, Jessica, Levon Louis, Guy and Roger...

The second day at The Fair was a lucky break. When the GMC and event people heard that they had a country band schgeduled on the same day as the Texas-OU game, they asked us to stay over and play rock and rhythm! When they found out that Levon louis was there to DJ, they had second thoughts about us, too!
All went well, and we had a great time!

9pm Einstein's Pub Katy, Texas
The New Jack Hippies
are joined by Suzanne Prats, who improvised and entertained. Shae was great!
This was the final jam at Einstein's.

4-6pm Starbuck's on San Felipe
Guy & Roger acoustically!
This was fun!

9:30pm The Thirsty Turtle
Linda booked
The New Jack Hippies
to play here, on the strength of what she heard at EinStein's Pub!

The New Jack Hippies
go to Nashville to perform on Western Beat Roots Revival (joined by the show's host - and our old drummer, Billy Block!)! Simulcast on the web at www.liveonthenet.com

9:30pm Rock Nuteney's
The New Jack Hippies
brought our best stuff to this great bar in Clear Lake! They enjoyed Heath AND Suzanne Prats, who dropped in as our guest!

9:30pm EinStein's Pub
Katy, Texas
The New Jack Hippies return to Katy! Einstien's is located at 873 S. Mason Road.

9pm Einstein's Pub Katy, Texas
The New Jack Hippies
are joined by Sandy Hickey, who gave the remaining crowd a good time. The later time seems to cause us to begin playing after most of the patrons have left. The owner was concerned, but says she'll stick with it for now.

9:30pm Silky's Blues Bar
I Guess
The New Jack Hippies
play enough blues to satisfy Sandy, because she keeps booking us back! We love playing here - it's Marlo's favorite intimate bar for music!

8pm Einstein's Pub Katy, Texas
Too many complaints about the volume, but
The New Jack Hippies
seemed to fit very well with Leonard 'LowDown' Brown, our guest hippie this week, and there are reasons for that! First - Leonard is one of the most talented cats around. And of course, Chaz and Leonard have been playing together for a couple years now! Tonight was a gas!

9:30pm The Thirsty Turtle
Linda booked
The New Jack Hippies
to play here, on the strength of what she heard at EinStein's Pub!

8pm Einstein's Pub Katy, Texas
The New Jack Hippies
special guest tonight was Tony Vega!
He rocked!

4-6pm Starbuck's on Montrose
Roger had to go out of town, so Guy played solo - acoustically - at this special promotion by The Houston Press!

9:30pm Fitzgerald's
The New Jack Hippies
played an all ages show at this venue in the Houston Heights. It was the current best form of the band, with Teri, Jerald, Heath, Chaz and John in attendance. We played well, but to an all but empty house. The sound was great (and yeilded a new live CD)!

8pm Einstein's Pub Katy, Texas
The New Jack Hippies
featured Nelson Mills III on trumpet, and his lovely wife, Gloria Edwards as our guest entertainer this week! The patrons loved Gloria!

8pm Einstein's Pub Katy, Texas
The New Jack Hippies
second week at Einstein's on Wednesday saw Tyri Schiek come out and play as our guest Hippie. Good fun!

9:30pm Dan Electro's
The New Jack Hippies
shared the stage with VINCE BELL, Bill Browder and Jimmy Raycraft! Tyri Schiek and Leslie Newman joined in. What a reunion!

8.19.00 2pm KPFT 90.1FM
Guy and Roger show up at Larry Winter's SPARE CHANGE program with Bill Browder and Tyri Schiek, to generate extra interest for tonight's show at Dan Electro's Guitar Bar. The radio music was superb! Larry said that we were, "so cool, that people ought to bring their vegetables to the show - so they won't spoil!"

8pm Einstein's Pub Katy, Texas
The New Jack Hippies
began a weekly jam, dubbed the 'Strawberry Jam'. The format was to be an hour of New Jack Hippies music, followed by an hour of a 'guest Hippie' each week, followed by a jam/open mic thing.
Andy 'Too Hard' Williams was our first guest artist, and the house was overjoyed. The owner offered more money for more Hippies, and offered free food! Things look great!

8pm Einstien's
Katy, Texas
This will be The New Jack Hippies first appearance in Katy! Einstien's is located at 873 S. Mason Road.

3:00am KPFT 90.1FM
The Hippies returned to PAT & ROSIE'S NIGHTSOUNDS with our guests, The Tequila Cowboys!

8pm Mixed Nuts
League City, Texas
The New Jack Hippies
were treated poorly by the management, but we still had a very musical evening!!
The Houston Press Music Awards!
The New Jack Hippies
have so many nominees, that some of them are with each other in the same categories!!
Guy & Hippies at the Hard Rock Cafe at 5pm, Heath, Gloria, Lunatex, Leslie, Chaz (w/ Leonard) and Teri at other times on many stages!.td>
7.14.009:30pm The Horseshoe Pub
The New Jack Hippies
had some comfortable jams in this west-side neighborhood bar.

9:30pm Silky's Blues Bar
The New Jack Hippies
had a great time! Roger, Guy, Scott Sumner, John Chupin -
with special performances by PJ Cooper, Suzanne Prats, Sandy Hickey, Heath Spencer Philip and Jerald Gray.
We put a looped edit from the night's last jam at mp3.com!
6.25.008:00pm CARDI'S 2000
The New Jack Hippies
Weekly SUNDAY Live Recording Session
Returning to Cardi's after a Sunday off (while Cardi's tried Male Dancers), Roger, Jerald and I played acoustically as a trio. Marlo videotaped this, because we wanted these shots while we had the chance. MALE DANCERS? We all felt the gig was doomed, but played our hearts out! Cardi's called the next weekend, and said that they had rented the place out for the next 7 Sundays. My guess is, that will be the end of this thing...

9:00pm The New Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe
The New Jack Hippies
visited Wrecks Bell in Galveston, for an evening at a venue where the people come to LISTEN to the music and lyrics! We love playing there, and the videotape of this night proves we played accordingly!!
6.11.008:00pm CARDI'S 2000
The New Jack Hippies
Weekly SUNDAY Live Recording Session
This week, our guests included Zeeder Hogg (106), Suzanne Prats (107) and Sandy Hickey. We got two good recordings, available free download, at mp3.com!
6.4.008:00pm CARDI'S 2000
The New Jack Hippies
Weekly SUNDAY Live Recording Session
This week we witnessed the debut of
The Matt Underwood Jazz Trio,
Featuring Matt, John Chupin & Jeremiah Hamilton
9:30pm Dan Electro's Guitar Bar
The New Jack Hippies
return to our home club in the Heights for a night of new songs, old songs, and a few surprises!
A bunch of fun with a smaller band. Roger, Guy, Tyri, Chaz, & John
The Cross- Eyed Seagull in Clear Lake City
The New Jack Hippies
played a cool benefit for Larry 'LowNote' Johnson, featuring The Grateful Geezers, Tommie Lee Bradley Jackson, The Benny Brasket Band, and many others...
(Chaz, Roger, Tyri, Clyde Dempsey (#104) and Guy)


The New Jack Hippies
returned to Washington Avenue
and the intimate setting of Silky's Blues Bar! Chaz, Roger, Guy, Teri and John were the core band, with featured sets by Lizzie Harrah, Tyri Schiek, Heath Spencer Philip, and Sandy Hickey! What a blast that was!
CARDI'S 2000
The New Jack Hippies
Weekly SUNDAY Dance/Concert,
Invitational Improvisational Session,
& CD Release Party!
This week we debut ...

The New Jack Hippies
returned to find that they had built a stage at this great neighborhood bar.

Roger and Guy joined their old pal and drummer, Billy Block, for a great show on Billy's Western Beat Roots Reunion show. It was simulcast on the web at www.liveonthenet.com and carried on several radio stations!
The New Jack Hippies
performed on Pat & Rosie's Nightsounds!
8:00pm CARDI'S 2000
The New Jack Hippies
Weekly SUNDAY Dance/Concert,
Invitational Improvisational Session,
& CD Release Party!

The Horseshoe Pub
The New Jack Hippies
played and played, and jamming was the order of the day.

4.21.009:30pm Dan Electro's Guitar Bar
Back at the home club for a special night!
Robbie Parrish joined Roger and Tyri for a reunion of Small World. Matt played really well, and we were joined by Albert Storo, Jessica Bucheit, and Chuck Crow! John Chupin, Chaz Nedege, and I rounded out the group! A very musical night!

4.16.008:00pm CARDI'S 2000
The New Jack Hippies
Weekly SUNDAY Dance/Concert,
Invitational Improvisational Session,
& CD Release Party!
Chuck Crow showed up to join Matt, Teri, John, Jerald, Roger, and Guy. Silver Rain played first, and then the Hippies played with guests (and new Hippies) Flueman John Reader, Trevor Flowers, and Art Baez!!

4.9.2000 8:00pm CARDI'S 2000
The New Jack Hippies
Weekly SUNDAY Dance/Concert Party! Teri, Chaz, Jerald, Matt, John, Troy, Roger and Guy play several extended jams and a half dozen new songs, as we release TAUSZMANIA! Chaz sings lead with the Hippies (for the first time) on a cover, John Lennon's 'Imagine'. New Hippies Scrap and Kathleen Simmons join the fray!

4.8.20008:00pm CARDI'S 2000
Tyri, John, Roger and Guy
Return to a fun bar
for a lot of cool music, featuring Heath, Tyri Schiek and the induction of new Hippie #88, Bicyle Steve Greenfield from NYC on alto sax!
There was a hilarious drunk there who tried to convince us to go home with him to convince his son to quit his day job and play guitar in bars! That's a switch! :-)He also sat with us on one break, continually eating food off of OUR plates! Life is good! - GS

4.2.2000 8:00pm CARDI'S 2000
The New Jack Hippies
Weekly SUNDAY Dance/Concert Party! Chaz, Jerald, Matt, John, Roger and Guy play tight, Marlo shot video and we released a CD called THE NEW JAZZ HIPPIES!

3.26.20008:00pm CARDI'S 2000
Chaz, Jerald, Matt, John, Roger and Guy
Our first killer jam, recorded and immediately thrown online at www.mp3.com/HippiesBand

3.25.2000 9:30pm Cosmos Cafe
Teri, John, Troy, Jerald, Heath, Roger & Guy
Peg Pywar's going-away party started here! New Hippies included Gary Sapone on harp, Ian Tomzak on guitar and John Morris on bass. Sonny James was in town, so Teri, Sonny, Guy and John did a whole hour of old Sonny James & the Sinners material. It rocked!

3:00am KPFT 90.1FM
We weren't scheduled, but since we had released a CD earlier that night from a previous appearance on PAT & ROSIE'S NIGHTSOUNDS, and since The Sisters Morales were forced to cancel - Rosie asked if I could bring by a copy of the CD, as well as several Hippies. Matt, John and Heath joined Roger and I for a bunch of fun! We taped the first hour, and will burn CDs on request... (GDS)

8:00pm CARDI'S 2000
The New Jack Hippies
Weekly SUNDAY Dance/Concert,
Invitational Improvisational Session,
& CD Release Party!
USC - Heath - Guy & NJH
Released CD from Guy and Roger's unplugged radio show on 3.6.2000

8:00pm CARDI'S 2000
It was a great night,
with long sets fronted by
Jerald and Heath! Guy only
sang 4 songs, but wrote
a new song onstage!

3:00am KPFT 90.1FM
Just the songs - Roger & Guy played mostly unplugged without the band on PAT & ROSIE'S NIGHTSOUNDS. It was a great set! They played for three hours, doing some new songs, playing new recordings, doing acoustic versions of some of their favorites. Jerald Gray joined in on sax for a bit, too!

The Few Jack Hippies!
On one days notice, Tyri Scheik, John Chupin, Roger and Guy substituted for Ken Palyola and enjoyed ourselves a whole lot! Looked like the type of place where the music was only wallpaper, but these folks dug all of the different styles played. Everyone hopes to play there again!

2.11.19999:30pm Dan Electro's Guitar Bar
It was supposed to be our 50th show, but by the time we played it, we had done three last minute sub gigs, and this one was show #53!

2.10.1999Houston Community College
Carver Center
Black History Month blues program with host Diunna Greenleaf and guests Gloria Edwards, Jerald Gray and Guy Schwartz speaking between the music.
Matt, John, Chaz, Roger, Jerald and Guy (plus Leesa Squyres and Eric Dane)

11:00pm CARDI'S 2000
A cool Saturday night gig. Refried Dreams opened the show.

2.4.20009:30pm Dan Electro's Guitar Bar
There was a cancellation, and this last minute substitution became our 50th show. We expected to do it as a four piece band, but both Jerald and Chaz walked in unexpected, after Jerald's other gig was canceled, and Chaz' gig with Lowdown Brown turned out to be triple- booked.
It was a very musical night!

3pm Joe's Roadhouse
Roger, Guy and Heath Visit Smokin' Joe Montes and James 'Blueshound' Nagel at KPFT, spinning disks and telling lies...

1.21.20009:30pm The Big Easy
Up until tonight, we have suffered through being considered too blues by people booking the rock stages, and too rock by the blues clubs. Tonight, at 8pm, Tom McLendon called after a cancellation, and within two hours the Hippies showed Houston's premiere blues bar that we can put on a show for ANYONE!

12:00am KPFT 90.1FM
The band appeared on PAT & ROSIE'S NIGHTSOUNDS. Randy Woodard sat in on drums for an flu-struck John Chupin. Cool set!

The Whole History - Under Construction
Saturday, Sept. 25th, 19999:00pm The Last Concert Cafe
Chuck Fontenot's Birthday Party!
Friday, Sept. 24th, 1999 9:30pm Dan Electro's Guitar Bar
Back at the home club on Matt's and Chelsea's birthday!
Saturday, Sept. 18th, 1999

9:30pm Boogie's in Rosenberg

Saturday, Sept. 4th, 1999

9:45pm Silky's Blues Bar

Friday, Sept. 3rd, 1999

9:45pm Silky's Blues Bar

Sat., Aug. 14th, 1999

3-7pm at Henry's Hideout in Magnolia, Texas - On Hwy , just north of Tomball

Sunday, July 31, 1999THE WATERMELON FESTIVAL at The Last Concert Cafe
Featuring Moses Guest, The Hightailers, Carolyn Wonderland & the Imperial Monkeys, The Groobees, PotRoast, and The New Jack Hippies
Friday, July 23, 1999

9:30pm The Last Concert Cafe

Sunday, July 18, 1999

7pm Houston Press Music Awards Schowcase. The Hippies play at SPY, on the patio, located at 112 Travis - Downtown

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