"Counting Jackie Wilson, Frank Sinatra and Elvis amongst his major influences... (Heath is) a uniquely dynamic, high-energy entertainer, with a big voice and an equally large vocal range! Heath sings a variety of styles and songs not often performed by someone his age... And, PERFORM he does!"
-Guillermo Slazo, Music News

Heath's Brief Bio...

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Heath Spencer Philip - Extended Bio...

Long before his professional career began, Heath's talent had been recognized by the Houston, Texas, USA entertainment elite. Whether it was the local media (Heath was chosen as a Junior co-host - with Channel 11's Steve Smith - for The Hermann Hospital's Children's Telethon), or area socialites (Heath was selected by Carolyn Farb to appear as a featured vocalist on her "Excellence in Youth" benefit concert), Heath is an often requested presence on the Houston scene!

Born at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, Heath has made his home on the north side of Houston since he was a kid. Singing has always come naturally for Heath, but he has also learned from the best!

Years of vocal coaching by reknowned voice teacher Ray Sullenger, as well as lessons for acting, guitar, and music, have helped Heath approach his great potential with the skills his trade will require.

Heath's credits include appearances as a finalist on "Catch A Rising Star" and "Star Search". He has appeared onstage with Toby Keith, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, Maria Muldaur, Richard Gere, and makes regular appearances with Guy Schwartz & the New Jack Hippies. He has played engagements in venues as diverse as The Imperial Palace in Las Vegas, The The State Fair of Texas (on the MP3.com stage), Billy Block's Western Beat Roots Reunion at Nashville's Xit/In, The Davis County Fair in Salt Lake City, and The Party on the Plaza in downtown Houston, Texas.

His first CD, on the Starmania Records label,was released in 1996. His second CD, released by Space City Records in 1999, is sold only on the internet and off of the bandstand. Heath is shopping labels for his new album, currently in production with New Jack Hippies Guy Schwartz & Roger Tausz producing.


Click here to listen to Heath sing 'Since My Baby Went Away'


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